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Residential and Commercial Electrical Services in Oklahoma City, Bristow, & Surrounding Areas

You likely know all too well the stress of trying to find an electrical contractor when your breaker won’t reset, or lights or outlets aren’t working. Handling electrical problems yourself is risky, so it’s crucial to have a team you can trust to keep your property running smoothly. There is no substitute for experience and with nearly 4 decades of industry experience, RCS Electric is the company you can count on for quality electrical repairs, every time. We’ve done over 8,000+ jobs locally and our state licensed electricians love what they do and are passionate about helping individuals and businesses in our community. You can see this in action when you schedule an RCS electrician to help you out. We are confident you’ll be 100% happy you did.

Find out for yourself why customers in Tulsa, Oklahoma City, and beyond trust RCS Electric as their go-to electrician. Call (918) 228-6517 today to get started.

Services We Offer

Some electrical contractors view customers as just another payday, but we view customers as real people. At RCS Electric, we focus on service and not sales. We make it our mission to use our knowledge and experience to help you when you need it most. We appreciate anyone who seeks our assistance and will do our best to ensure you don’t regret your decision when hiring us.

Some of the services you can rely on our electricians to handle include:

  • Electrical Troubleshooting: Have an electrical problem but can’t quite pinpoint what it is? We can have one of our licensed technicians investigate the situation and come up with an effective solution.
  • Electrical Wiring: When wiring is outdated or faulty, not only will your appliances and electronics not work, but it can also put your home or business at risk of electrical fires or other hazards. Whether you need repairs or rewiring, we can make the necessary adjustments to keep you safe.
  • Electrical Panels: Regarded as the heart of your building’s electrical system, when your panel is outdated or has issues, a repair or upgrade is in order. We can carefully inspect your panel and determine what it needs to be restored.
  • Lighting: Whether you have flickering lights or want new light fixtures installed, we can provide solutions in the form of reliable repairs, installations, maintenance, and replacement.
  • Generators: When there’s an outage, you’re going to want your generator to kick on and keep your home or business powered. From repairing or maintaining your existing generator to installing new generators, we can help ensure it will be ready to perform when needed.
  • EV Chargers: Owners of electric cars can greatly benefit from installing a convenient level 2 charger. We can install everything from the correct circuits to the chargers themselves, so your vehicle battery gets the power it needs faster. 

No matter your electrical service needs, our technicians are ready to get the job done and give you one less thing to worry about.

Service With Integrity

Signs You Need Electrical Services

You might not always notice when an electrical problem is lingering within your property. Maybe the lights flickered and things went back to normal, or your circuit breaker tripped when you were powering on too many appliances at once. These may be minor hiccups, or they could be a red flag that requires professional attention. By familiarizing yourself with the early signs of electrical problems, you can act quickly by giving us a call.

Reach out to us right away if you notice:

  • Strange sounds: Electricity is supposed to operate quietly. If you hear buzzing coming from your appliances or breaker box, hire an electrician immediately to check it out.
  • Tripping circuit breaker: A circuit breaker tripping every once in a while is common, but if it happens often, there may be an overload issue that needs to be addressed.
  • Hot outlets: An outlet that feels warm to the touch or has been blackened can be potentially dangerous. This indicates the wiring needs to be redone to avoid a hazard.
  • Sparks or electric shocks: Have you noticed visible sparks or felt a small shock when plugging in an appliance? This could be a sign of a wiring problem that will need to be resolved to prevent a potential house fire or serious electrocution.
  • Burning smells: Does it smell like something’s burning and no one’s cooking? This serious problem is an indicator of an appliance or electrical component overheating. Shut off the electrical panel immediately and call our team.

Exceeding Expectations with 5 Star Service

RCS Electric is honored to provide our electrical expertise to the community. We treat all of our customers with the same courtesy and respect that we would expect to be shown. When you give us a call, you’ll be greeted by a friendly and helpful team member who will schedule an appointment time that works best for you. We assure you that our electricians will show up on time and ready to work.

Our electricians are professionally trained, have extensive knowledge about electrical panels, wiring, and much more. We take safety very seriously and make sure all our work is up to code and meets the most stringent standards. From start to finish, we want you to take comfort in knowing that you are in good hands.

For dependable electrical services in Tulsa, Bristow, Oklahoma City, and beyond, call RCS Electric at (918) 228-6517 today!

  • “Fast, professional service, very informative and polite.”

    - David P.
  • “Great company, very professional, and quick with scheduling for inspections and repairs.”

    - Satisfied Client
  • “RCS fixed the problem quickly!”

    - Daniel S.
  • “I love the new LED lights and a huge drop already on the first electric bill.”

    - Satisfied Customer

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